Sustainable Water Management: Creating a Paradigm Shift
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Sustainable Water Management can help to bridge the gap between water availability and demand by promoting coordinated development and management of water through a planned process for allocation and monitoring of water resource use, in the context of social, economic and environmental objectives in an equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of vital ecosystems. Sustainable Water Management would also help to harness the interdependencies between the different uses of water which primarily include the three Pillars: Agriculture, Industry and Urban Supply. The need of the hour is to shift the focus from a scenario where there is inequitable allocation of water, skewed share of responsibilities for water augmentation and disproportionate burden of pricing vis-a-via water use to a scenario where there is shared vision and responsibilities for water augmentation, greater accountability, an incentive framework for going beyond compliance, and a coordinated approach to water supply and management. more.....

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